News February 1, 2019


Hum Hum, French duo composed of Sophie VERBEECK (Text and Song) and Bernard TANGUY (Music), presents the title "Blueberries" to announce the release of their first EP on March 15th.

PopRockOnline had the privilege of listening to it in preview.

The EP begins with "Blueberries", sung in English, the piano plays with the rhythm of the drums, the bass ... The whole is carried by the voice of Sophie VERBEECK (formation Lyrique), a French pop with elegant style to discover via YouTube.

"Poetry" is played on the acoustic guitar, piano notes and various musical instruments are added to give a poetic pop. The whole is coherent, harmonious.

When "RÍves Clandestins" begins, I am bewitched by his words (Sophie VERBEECK) sung in French [Je suis partie prenante ŗ des rÍves clandestins...] The music brings me gently towards an interstellar atmosphere.

The last title is already there "Parade", it announces the end on a touch electro pop as captivating as the previous songs.

I'm waiting for what's next...

To follow the duo:

Thanks to Xavier CHEZLEPR TRE of the ATTITUDE Agency for this musical sharing by allowing me to listen to the EP.



Hum Hum